Short-term exchanges of groups pupils in Nafplio


The European partners 20 students and 10 teachers from Corfu, Romania, Slovenia and Germany attended the activity program prepared by 35 students in the 1st Gymnasium of Nafplio and 15 teachers belonging to the program’s pedagogical team. This mobility was also attended by 3 persons from pedagogical team of the Erasmus + Partnership Coordinator, the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ionian Islands, including the Regional Director Mr. Petros Angelopoulos.

First Day Welcome Reception

The first day included welcoming the guests by the school choir, the pupils introducing their countries and schools, playing and dancing lessons at the Nafplio Sports Center. At noon an official welcoming lunch was held at the school with the amazing offer of our students’ parents and the coordination of all the teachers of the program’s pedagogical team.

Argos - Epidauros

On the second day the students and their accompanying teachers were guided to Argos by the greek students looking for the traces of Kapodistrias in the city of Argos. They visited important monuments in Argos that declare the life of the Governor and his work. The day continued with the visit to Ancient Epidaurus and the greek students guiding the visiting partners.



Thematic tour and workshop

On the third day, the greek students and their teachers had prepared a thematic tour of Nafplio that concerned the life of Kapodistrias as governor of Nafplio until his assassination. After the thematic tour, the students were divided into groups and played Hidden Treasure Hunting Gaem in the Old Town of Nafplio. In the afternoon the activities continued with the Experimental Workshop on “Enemies and Friends of Kapodistrias”. The workshop was prepared by the greek students with the help of their teachers. At the end of this great day, teachers met in a coordinating meeting at the Harvard Center for Greek Studies and discussed the details of the program’s outcome.

Thematic tour


Visit to Palamidi

On the fourth day of hospitality the visiting partners were guided by the greek students to Palamidi and were informed about the Greek Revolution of 1821 and the persons who played an important role in it. Then they visited the Nafplio Branch of the National Gallery, the Permanent Exhibition of Persons of 1821 and the Exhibition of Women Portraits. At noon the official closing meal where certificates were given to the participants. And in the afternoon, one of the most moving moments of the program was the theatrical event on the Assassination of Kapodistrias by the greek students.


Theatrical event

Visit to Acropolis

The last day was dedicated to the Acropolis of Athens and the Acropolis Museum. The students were guided by professional guides to all the highlights of the Rock and the museum. Then they left for the airport and said goodbye to their new friends!

Presentation of the activity program


Pupils from Bucharest

Pupils from Ettal